In an interesting article by Robert Lowes (Medscape), he discusses recent Merritt Hawkins survey results on the topic of Volume vs Value in Physician Pay.  One of the main reasons the new “Value-based Pay” was put into place was to “pump up the volume of services” for Providers resulting in greater revenue in conjunction with providing better “value” to the patients.  A recent survey, by recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins, suggests that the old Fee-for-Service model is still more the norm.  The Survey suggests that Value-based pay is not yet an effective incentive for Doctors to change they way they practice medicine.  Read the attached articled for a summary of the Survey.  The Survey can also be viewed from a link in the article.  Article: Volume Still Overwhelms Value in Physician Pay, Survey Says


Published by:  Medscape: By Robert Lowes,  June 6, 2017  

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