The CMS EHR Incentive Program attestation system will be open from January 3 – February 28, 2017.  To avoid payment adjustments, providers must attest by the above deadline.  CMS has released two worksheets to help providers prepare for attestation.  Click the following link to access the “Eligible Professionals” Worksheet.  Eligible Professionals.  To access Eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals worksheet, follow this link:  Hospitals & Critical Access Hospitals.  Once the worksheets are completed, they should prove helpful as a reference when attesting for the 2016 EHR Incentive Program in the CMS Registration and Attestation System:  See link  CMS Registration.


If you are unsure of the CMS 2016 Program requirements, click the following link to be directed to the CMS Website for more information.  CMS 2016 EHR Incentive Program resources

Reference:  CMS Daily Digest Bulletin:  December 28, 2016

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