This blog ties back to the previous blog just posted:  Commercial Carriers losing big on “The Exchange”.  Many news articles and reports support the opinion that individual health markets in some states are “in an emergency condition”.  Some states (I.e. Tennessee) have three quarters of their counties without one insurance company offering plans on the Exchange.  Considering our previous blog (mentioned above), is there any wonder why Insurance companies, such as Humana, are pulling out of The Exchange?

Republicans are introducing ACA replacement plans due to what they refer to an ACA “death spiral”, while Democrats insist that the system has been working.  Some Democrats believe that GOP interference has caused uncertainty which is causing chaos.  Will Republican efforts to “move the decisions out of Washington and back into the hands of consumers” repair the damage that has been done?  See the additional detail in the attached Medscape Article.


Published by: Medscape: Written by:  Alicia Ault,  February 1, 2015





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