Kimberly H. Whitehurst


Kim Whitehurst is the founder and CEO of Commonwealth Medical Management Services, (aka: CMMS, Inc.). Kim started CMMS in late 2007 after realizing that her more than 28 years of experience in the Information Technology sector, specifically within large corporate environments spanning multiple verticals; that specific areas within the healthcare industry were seriously lacking in the areas of technology and “process”.  Having witnessed the “Internet Boom” in the mid to late 90’s that introduced a plethora of web-based and self service solutions and having also been privy to client server technology that moved from server-based to cloud-based infrastructures, she realized the world was changing at break-neck speed but the healthcare industry was not.

With a degree in Computer Science and Applications Programming, Kim began her professional career in computer programming but later moved into New Business Development and Business Process Outsourcing. Some of the corporate entities Ms. Whitehurst had the pleasure of working for in a business consulting capacity were Michelin, Bell Atlantic, IBM, EDS, KPMG, Chase Manhattan Bank, Nike, and Glaxo Smith-Kline to mention a few.

After working for multiple Silicon Valley based companies – two of which were taken public during her tenure – Kim decided to take the knowledge gained from these experiences and apply them to the privately-held, predominately physician-owned and operated medical groups. Whitehurst has been quoted on the following key strategies, “The private sector needs more advocates, needs more resources and a better way to help them maintain their autonomy”. The Private sector can only achieve this goal if there are service-based businesses that understand Healthcare IT, strategic analysis related to process and workflow and who also possess the knowledge to obtain that delicate balance between providing optimum patient care and reasonable profitability.”

CMMS has continued to experience growth year over year since its inception and remains privately held and controlled by only two partners. Ms. Whitehurst maintains majority control.

Christy M. Whitehurst


Christy Whitehurst, Chief Executive Officer and Owner/Partner of CMMS has been with the company since Nov. 2007. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science / Computer Networking Degree and brought more than 20 years of experience in the Information Technology sector. Christy and Kim (Founder/CEO) have been able to use their extensive IT experience collaboratively to introduce state-of-the-art technological solutions, Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Billing and Auditing Services, Physician-Carrier Credentialing and more to their clients.

As the COO of CMMS, Christy enjoys not only overseeing the operational infrastructure of CMMS, but building a strong and trusting rapport with her CMMS staff as well as their Client-Physicians and client’s staff. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Christy has a sincere passion for delivering the absolute “best” in terms of value and customer service to CMMS’s growing client base.

Christy resides just north of Richmond, VA with her husband, son and two dogs. She and her family enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including boating, fishing and water sports. They also like to travel, run 4-wheelers; spend time with each other and their large-extended family as well.

Margie C. Wilkerson

VP Special Projects


Margie started working part time for CMMS in 2008 as an Account Representative in addition to her full time position as a Lead Inventory Auditor where she was directly responsible for the retail inventory of about 60 convenience store locations. She had no prior training or experience in the healthcare industry but she quickly adapted to her new responsibilities. In 2010, Margie was given a new round of responsibilities that led to her transition to full time employment with CMMS in 2012 as a Carrier Services Specialist. Margie has become extremely proficient in several of the Medical Practice Management Software platforms CMMS supports. ADP AdvancedMD, Greenway, and DocuTap are among her strongest suits. Margie has also obtained a great deal of knowledge by working with several clearinghouses that include Relay Health, ZirMed, and Emdeon.

In early 2014, Margie was promoted to Vice President of Corporate Accounts and has since transitioned to VP of Special Projects. In Margie’s new role as VP of Special Projects, her scope of duties encompass many difference aspects of the healthcare industry.   We like to refer to her as our “Jack of All Trades and Master of Many”

Margie enjoys spending relaxing time at the beach, boating, fishing, water sports, traveling and visiting with family and friends. Her favorite hobbies are looking for shark’s teeth on a sunny day at the beach or on an island and “dinner club” at local restaurants with friends.

Lavonne M. Hague

VP Client Services

LaVonne Hague, our Vice President of Client Services, joined the CMMS team as our Carrier Services and Finance Specialist in 2012. Her dedication and hard work has played a key role in her quick growth within the CMMS organization. She oversees all day-to-day operational functions for our client accounts that run on the AdvancedMD Medical Software platform. LaVonne’s attention to detail and accuracy ensures our client’s cash flow remains uninterrupted while client-Physicians enjoy the peace of mind that their practice or group runs at its most optimum potential. LaVonne also spends a good portion of her time developing relationships with regional carrier representatives. These relationships have proven invaluable when complex claim-related changes and/or appeals need to be worked and reprocessed in the most expeditious manner. LaVonne’s dedication and “always accessible” positive attitude toward her client-base, their staff and CMMS’s internal employees will be one of the first of her many good qualities anyone would notice should they ever have the pleasure of working with her.

LaVonne was recruited to work with CMMS not only because of her proven dedication but because of the extensive finance and accounting skills sets she developed in her previous career. Prior to CMMS, LaVonne worked for the corporate office of a convenience store chain consisting of 200 stores and over 1,200 employees. Their parent company was an international investment group. LaVonne moved through the ranks quickly during her tenure first by being appointed the Administrator of the Money Order business which included annual sales exceeding $75 million. Ultimately, she became the company’s Money Services Business Compliance Officer. In this role, LaVonne was responsible for overseeing the company’s many compliance requirements within the areas of sales, training and occasionally having the opportunity to work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. LaVonne maintained this role while concurrently serving as the company’s Inventory Auditing Manager with a revolving inventory of $500 million. The management of both onsite and out-of-state employees also prepared LaVonne for her management role she currently maintains within the CMMS organization.

During LaVonne’s down time, she enjoys reading, painting and spending time with her family and friends. She has two dogs, a Puggle named Little Miss and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named London. She loves to spoil them by cooking them special meals with nutritional values meant for canines. In fact, we think her family would suggest her dogs eat better than they do.
It’s no doubt that LaVonne’s exceptional skill sets and dedication has made her a key team player. We are proud to have her as part of the CMMS family.

Ashley L. Kress

VP Corporate Accounts

Ashley Kress began her career at CMMS in 2013 and is currently the Vice President of Corporate Accounts. Her goal is to serve healthcare providers from a business perspective in an ever changing environment. Ashley uses her auditing background to improve efficiency in claims processing and A/R management. She also provides clients with IT and software support related to
the multiple medical software platforms CMMS manages for their client base. Ashley maintains an acute focus on her client’s day to day business operations and makes every effort to ensure processes are working proficiently and within practice parameters.

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Christle M. McGraw

Corporate Controller & HR



Christle is the Corporate Controller of Commonwealth Medical Management Services, Inc. (CMMS). She is responsible for performing and overseeing all corporate accounting and finance-related duties for CMMS as well as HR administration and managing the company’s corporate benefit policies and products.

Christle attended college at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC where she graduated with honors in 1994, earning her dual degrees of Bachelors of Science in Accounting / Masters of Science in Accounting (BSA/MSA). She has over 20 years of accounting work experience. Christle began her career in public accounting where she eventually transitioned to the private sector with a primary focus in the healthcare device manufacturing and healthcare IT services industries.

Christle and her husband, Billy, currently reside in Blackstone, VA and enjoy spending time at Lake Gaston.